Wednesday, 31 August 2016



If in other times we have spoken of the outputs of escorts to hotels and homes, now we talk about the facilities where luxury escorts welcome guests, whether apartments, rooms a floor, or on the premises of the agencies which collaborate luxury escorts

Independent call girls in Jaipur and Banipark who rent an apartment for their customers they do in strategic areas of the city. Not so much the cost of rent as the place in which it is located. A luxury prostitute should be close to your potential customers, so that it does not lazy to visit her. Areas in Jaipur Plaza Castilla, Vashali and Cuzco are ideal for being close to the businessmen. Or even the Centre and Retro district to draw customers' attention.

Same with the exclusive escort agencies that have their own facilities to make appointments between clients and prostitutes of high standing. A good location of the site will be synonymous with an increase in business the site.


But what should be in the room of a luxury escort for the appointment to be a success? Many men do not give much importance, because what is really going to enjoy sex, but it helps make the appointment more satisfying, do not you think?

The first point is the bed where most of the event takes place. A bed with consistent structure and a comfortable mattress will make sex better, since a shaky bed will make you be more aware of whether the bed is going to break that sex itself. As for the sheets, some escorts the use disposable and other traditional changing and washed after each appointment.

Many customers love the ambience of the room with mirrors strategically placed to be practicing all kinds of sexual positions with the escort. A good decorating with mirrors make the customer is more satisfied than without.


One of the aspects that Escorts jaipur care is hygiene and cleanliness: them and their client, but also the room or apartment where the event takes place. To do this, they provide disposable slippers, shower gels and mouthwashes for oral hygiene. But they must also be kept clean facilities, so that the feeling of luxury is still present.

In the case of the presence of independent prostitute’s Jacuzzis in their apartments it is rather scarce. Instead, many luxury escort service in jaipur agencies do have large bathrooms where you can start the appointment, either with an erotic shower in a whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi.

All facilities where appointments take place should be commensurate to the rate that the client of a luxury escort will pay. It is not just a matter of the girl, which is the most important, if you add the ideal setting, it will cause everything goes much better.